My work is very personal, it reflects my personality, my passions and my mixed background. Of course, Sweden and the Swedish textile heritage have a big place in my heart but equally important is my Jewish and Israeli heritage.

Since 7 October 2023 and the terrible massacre of Israelis, the Jewish and Israeli expression in my work has taken a much bigger place. The feeling of being threatened and the sorrow we feel as a people, but also the pride and joy of our culture, our traditions and our country, have deepened my craft which partly has taken a new direction.

I have used fabrics with a Jewish themes, embroideries I make myself with texts such as "Am Israel Chai" (= The Jewish people live), Challah covers and a fantastic collaboration with an Israeli artisan who created naturally dyed fabrics that are eco printed with Israeli eucalyptus leaves.

Gå till Judiskt/israeliskt galleri för fler bilder.

Please note! All products are unique in their patchwork and decorations. Each side differs from the other and no two bags are alike.

Bags & accessories

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